Gator House

I had passed by this house and property that sat next to the interstate a billion times. It was a three story house, and from the highway you could see one of the two big ponds that sat next to it. The house looked huge and very rustic and I could only imagine what the

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Painted Windows

WINDOW – 1 an opening in a building, vehicle, etc. for letting in light, air, etc. usually having a pane of glass in a movable frame 2 a windowpane 3 an opening resembling a window 4 the interval during which something can be done               Webster is going to

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My First Experience with Antique Week in Warrenton and Round Top, TexasThe day I arrived, after checking into the hotel, I figured I had 4 hours of “checkin’-it-out” time so we scooted back to highway 159/237 from LaGrange. The first thing we see is an estate sale at a very old house. How could I pass that

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