Sandcastle Chifferobe

I was out on one of my “gathering” expeditions when I came across this antique chifferobe. It was a “hot mess”! The legs were beat up and practically falling off, the top was peeling, the bottom was warped and cracked, the mirrors had more age spots than Father Time, and it had two drawers that …

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Gator House

I had passed by this house and property that sat next to the interstate a billion times. It was a three story house, and from the highway you could see one of the two big ponds that sat next to it. The house looked huge and very rustic and I could only imagine what the …

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Painted Windows

WINDOW – 1 an opening in a building, vehicle, etc. for letting in light, air, etc. usually having a pane of glass in a movable frame 2 a windowpane 3 an opening resembling a window 4 the interval during which something can be done               Webster is going to …

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My First Experience with Antique Week in Warrenton and Round Top, TexasThe day I arrived, after checking into the hotel, I figured I had 4 hours of “checkin’-it-out” time so we scooted back to highway 159/237 from LaGrange. The first thing we see is an estate sale at a very old house. How could I pass that …

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