A Rustic Frame Made From Scrap Wood For Under $1.00

When I build projects, I save any left-over bits and pieces that I think I can use later, whether I have something in mind at the time or not!

This project is totally from my bits and pieces bins.

Want to make one? 

 How-To make your own Rustic Scrap Wood Frame for under $1.00
What you’ll need:

  • Any piece of wood larger than your picture
  •  I used six or eight cut-off/broken nail heads (another option is upholstery tacks)
  • A 4-inch piece of 3/8-inch wide dowel
  • One piece of Plexiglas or glass the size of your picture (mine is 4″ x 6″)
  • Any Paint, stain and decorations that you like
  • Hand drill and a 3/8-inch drill bit
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue stick
I used a piece of scrap pallet wood, that came out of my bin measuring, 4 3/4″ wide and 9 3/4″ long, I left it that way so that I had plenty of space to add some decoration to it. Use what you have. You may have a scrap of pine or plywood, it doesn’t matter as long as it is larger than your picture. Sand it and clean it up.
On the back side of the board,  I used my hand drill and a 3/8 inch drill bit, and in the middle of the board about 1/4 inch from what will be the bottom, I drilled the hole for the dowel. Make sure that you do NOT drill all the way through the board! Check it to make sure that your dowel fits and that it’s deep enough to stay in.

Make sure that your drill bit is the same size as your dowel.
Make sure that you do NOT drill all the way through the board!

Cut your piece of dowel 4-inches long. (I use a scroll saw, but use whatever you have)
A snug fit will ensure the support of your frame.

Paint it now if you want to. I just dry brushed on a little bit of white chalk paint for this one.

Now, position your Plexiglas on the front side of the board where you want it to be. I marked where I wanted to put my nail heads that would hold the glass in place.

TIP – When I take apart a pallet, I use a reciprocating saw with a blade that cuts through metal. After I have finished cutting up the pallet, I use an awl and tap it in the nail holes on the back side of the board and the cut portion of the nail falls out the front. I have saved hundreds of these rusty nail heads and I reuse them in lots of projects.

Once you’ve marked your spots, set the glass aside and hammer in the nail heads that will be at the bottom of your picture. Make sure that you only hammer them in just far enough for your glass to rest on the nail shaft, so that the actual nail head will hold the glass in place. Then put your picture and your glass back in place on the board. Cover the glass with a wash rag or thick cloth so that you don’t scratch it when you put the last nail heads in. Go ahead and carefully tap in the last nail heads that will hold your photo and glass in place.

Now all that’s left, is to decorate it!  I used left-over parts of a Christmas pick for this one, but the sky is the limit here, get creative!

Saving your bits and pieces saves you lots of money.
Finished and displayed

Here is another quick idea, I used the same basic construction just different decorations.

You can see that they are really quick to make, and with fun and personal photos, they make great gifts!

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