AutumnAire Creative Workshop 7-1-2014

Here at the Autumn Aire Studio, we’ve been very busy getting ready for our online store to open. We have also been having our Tuesday workshops, where anyone can bring a project that they want to learn how to complete. So far, I have been teaching how to paint scenes with acrylic paints, how to paint their own design choice on a particular project piece, how to work with the tools and what steps to take when repairing or repurposing furniture projects, and offering advice and tips from my own years of experience. Meeting new people and helping them with their project has been fun for me. Everyone is doing great and having fun! They are helping each other with their projects. I always tell people who think they could never do anything like paint a scene on a window for example, that anyone, once they know the tricks, can do anything they want, and with a little practice, it becomes easy. Sometimes they just need a little help and that’s where I come in. They are amazed, and the words “is that it? OMG!” have come so many times that it’s funny. They say that no one will believe that they painted this or that they now can do that. So once in a while we’ll get some video footage so they can show others that they are the ones actually doing the work. This past Tuesday was one of those video days. Take a peek.

Next time you think you really want to learn how to do something… Do it!!! Get out there and find someone close to you and get the help you need. You’ll be glad you did, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to create what’s in your dreams and on your wish list!

We look forward to comments and questions, so let us know what you think.

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