Antique Tape-Measure Cross Plaque

It’s the perfect gift for anyone, and for any occasion!

Do you ever just need a little something to give as a gift? Make my Antique Tape-Measure Cross Plaque. It is super simple, and if you have what you need around the house it may not even cost you anything but a little time!

I hand cut 9 crosses out of 1 antique folding tape-measure.  
I had scraps of dowel and barn wood. 
I drilled a hole about 3/4 the way through the board at the bottom, the size of my dowel. 
I used E6000, and glued the cross on the front of the board. Let dry. That’s it! 
Pair this with a personal note or card and give it away, for ANY reason!
Make a batch of these and keep them on hand for your gift giving moments.

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