VINTAGE DOOR-FRAME DESK PROJECT   One thing… the really cool thing… about living in the South is that, as everyone updates their “granddaddy’s” antebellum home to suit their needs and lifestyles today, they tear out, replace and get rid of some of the most beautiful parts of an opulent world that, sadly, no longer exists. Gorgeous wood moldings, built […]

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Treasures   It’s 1:55 am and I’m exhausted and emotional from a long day of working on creative projects and caring for my Mother, but I wanted to put my thoughts down before I stopped for the “night”.   After she went to sleep this evening, I pulled the door to my Moms room so that

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The Herb Chateau

Located in the “Old Cloverdale” area of Montgomery Alabama, on the corner of Woodley Road and Fairview Avenue, and nestled between Jubilee Seafood and Louisa’s Bakery is… “Where treasures lie for health and home”, at the “Herb Chateau“.   Owner Debbie Hanson had spent twenty plus years working with specialists in the natural health industry, when she

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Welcome to Autumn Aire! I’m so excited about the changes that are happening and hope all of you will help make this a fun and creative adventure. Comments and questions are more than welcome, and I look forward to giving advice and tips that may help with your projects too. I am planning to have occasional contests and

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