Painted Windows

WINDOW – 1 an opening in a building, vehicle, etc. for letting in light, air, etc. usually having a pane of glass in a movable frame 2 a windowpane 3 an opening resembling a window 4 the interval during which something can be done              

Webster is going to have to come up with a new dictionary because of the “re-purposers” of today’s creative world.
The up-cycling and re-purposing of everything under the sun has become not only responsible waste management and economic frugality, but just plain fun! So here we go. What can I say about windows that you may not already know. You’ve seen them turned into green houses, cold frames for gardens, painted chalk boards, signs and so so so much more… What yo may not know is that they are very easy to paint on. I just wanted to do a little something extra on my windows, so take a look.

Fall Moonlit field scene painted on the glass of a vintage window.
 Close up view of some of the details
More of the details 
After re-installing the window insert 
Ready to hang anywhere, inside or out. 
No stencils used on my version of the chalkboard window. 
Vintage window with all panes intact. 
You can paint anything you want to 
I used a Scrabble tile holder to hold the chalk and eraser and it’s ready to go! 
So the big question is ……
What do you want to see outside your window?

Unbeknownst to me, this video was taken while I was working on one of my vintage windows and although it doesn’t come close to going through the whole process I thought you might get a kick out of ..oh.. I don’t know …how I hold my mouth when I paint. LOL…
Actually, I sketch out my design, placing objects where I want them and then just start painting. You can kind of see the white pencil marks on my black background. What I’m doing in this video is blending and shading and highlighting the grass areas and I do this with water. Different brushes give you different effects and you just play around with them until you’re happy with the results.
Hope you find this useful. Enjoy! 

 So what do you think?

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