My Story

I have always had a passion for DIY decorating projects. It grew from necessity and has for over 50 years evolved. With all of the readily available social media networks, web sites and television programs, we now live in a world where we can share and learn and teach and reach out to so many more people than ever before to get and give inspiration and information. There are a lot of us “crafters” out there. We like to use words like “creative,” “repurpose,” “restore,” “re-use,” and “up-cycle.” We use them so much that some may say that they are cliché, but in actuality, they are very powerful. As an artist or creator, they all represent freedom, freedom to dream, to think, to try, to play, to express ourselves, and to please ourselves as well as our customers.

I’ve traveled a long, zigzagging path to get to the point where I will describe myself as a businesswoman that lives, breaths and loves to create. I love the hunt for unwanted “junk” that I can use to create a “treasure.” I love repurposing and figuring out what something will become. Making old things into new things or changing something that’s perfectly good but just wanting to add a little something extra to it makes me happy. 

I started sewing at age 7, woodworking shortly after that. A lifetime of making, decorating, refinishing, re-arranging, cleaning, organizing, and constant encouragement from friends and family kept bringing me back to owning my own business… to “Autumn Aire,” where I invite you to join me on this creative adventure. It’s my hope that you’ll be inspired and of course, enjoy Autumn Aire all year!


I love the hunt for unwanted “junk” that I can use to create a “treasure.”

- Debbie Harris
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