Welcome to Autumn Aire!

I’m so excited about the changes that are happening and hope all of you will help make this a fun and creative adventure. Comments and questions are more than welcome, and I look forward to giving advice and tips that may help with your projects too. I am planning to have occasional contests and giveaways that may inspire you to get out there and create something. And locally, I may have some classes for those of you that just want to learn about a specific topic. Don’t be shy, let me know that you are interested.
Okay…let’s get down to it! 
Of course we still have …..
The French Word-of-the-day today is:
s’embrouiller (sawm-brooey-ay)
    : to get confused, to get into a muddle
The fall, if you missed it, is my favorite time of the year, and today was my big day to go to the Farmers Market. I was so excited to get to pick out the pumpkins and flowers for my home and studio to decorate with I could hardly contain myself. I got there and ………. Well let me just show you.
Driver’s side back seat

 View of passenger side
 Overhead view of the bed of the truck
 Unloaded from inside the truck
 Unloaded from the bed of the truck

 It was so much fun!!!!! and !!!!! yaaaaa-hooooo!!!!! I LOVE FALL!

I wouldn’t say I was (s’embrouiller (sawm-brooey-ay) confused, and I don’t really know what muddled means, but I definitely was overwhelmed. I loved the giant whites, the misty greens and the Cinderella orange pumpkins, and needed the small jack-o-lantern pumpkins, and I just couldn’t make up my mind. So… as you can see, I had to get just a few of each! The flowering bushes were fresh and the blooms just starting to open and they smelled so good. I’m telling you, I could pitch a tent in a Pumpkin patch!
The last two weeks have been crazy busy. I moved into a bigger booth at the Eastbrook Antique Mall (still down stairs and just across the isle from my previous booth) and finished a few new projects that are going into the booth tomorrow and I finished the cabinet that will be used for displaying some of Autumn Aire’s products and gifts.
Take a look at the before and after pictures…
This is the top of a cabinet that had some water damage and a true crackle to the paint. Rather than removing and replacing the warping trim that looked like vines of some sort, I chose to enhance the unusual effects that the damage had caused.
  The base of the cabinet was missing some facing but it was easily fixable.
 After repairs and painting it with Annie Sloan’s Pure White Chalk Paint

Closer view of a side door
Hand painting details and adding pearl and rhinestone magnets to make it appear to have flowering vines just to dress it up a little more 
Then, after moving and after completing the cabinet…..
 I made silk velvet pumpkins with real pumpkin stems. Lots of them!! They will be for sale tomorrow at Eastbrook and if you are interested but can’t get to Eastbrook but want a pumpkin email me at: debbie@autumnaire.com
I could go on and on right now but it’s time for me to wrap it up for today so…. Please follow me on this creative adventure, and tell me what you think. 
Thank you so much for your support. 


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