One thing… the really cool thing… about living in the South is that, as everyone updates their “granddaddy’s” antebellum home to suit their needs and lifestyles today, they tear out, replace and get rid of some of the most beautiful parts of an opulent world that, sadly, no longer exists. Gorgeous wood moldings, built in furniture, fixtures, windows and doors, most that exhibited true craftsmanship and quality. An entire industry has developed from the salvage of such relics which in itself says how much many of us still value the history of each item. Oh, we may not use the item as they were originally intended, but part of the fun of blending old with new, these days, is figuring out what something can become.

Many months ago I found this wonderful old door frame (salvaged from one of those antebellum homes) and immediately thought how cool it would be turned into the desk for my studio. It is 8′ tall and very very heavy. It even still had all the hardware including the hinges from both the door and the screen door, AND an old copper door bell that has a great tarnished bronzed and green patina, which I chose to leave on it for character.
It sat stored in my garage for a couple of months before I got started on it, while I contemplated my layout. I had a cheap old desk that worked, but I wanted something different, something that was inspirational to me. I cut up my old desk and saved the pieces I wanted to use to make the new one. Well, it’s finally finished, and I love it! It was a fun project and you can do it too! Next time you’re out don’t just look for the old doors…
The door when I brought it from the garage into my studio.  

Great copper door bell

Finishing touches

Iron brackets and add-on shelves


AND… Ta Da!! What do you think?




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