The Herb Chateau

Located in the “Old Cloverdale” area of Montgomery Alabama, on the corner of Woodley Road and Fairview Avenue, and nestled between Jubilee Seafood and Louisa’s Bakery is…
“Where treasures lie for health and home”, at the “Herb Chateau“.
Owner Debbie Hanson had spent twenty plus years working with specialists in the natural health industry, when she decided to act on her vision to open a shop that combined her desire to help people with wellness issues and her love of antiques, vintage finds, art and handmade decorator items. The Herb Chateau is host to a wide array of ever-changing consignment items, vitamin and nutritional supplements, and offers free gift wrapping! You are able to browse the shop at your leisure or sit down with Debbie and get a health analysis consultation.
While interviewing Debbie, I had the opportunity to observe several interactions with many of the customers that came into the store. In my opinion she seemed very knowledgeable with regard to the need or lack of need of herbal or vitamin supplements. That’s right, I actually heard her tell someone that they did not need any supplements!! You don’t often find any sales person who tells you that you don’t need whatever they have to sell you. It was impressive! Additionally, She was a gracious hostess to browsing patrons, cheerfully answering questions and making phones calls on behalf of customers. Debbie also supports the art community in Montgomery and aids artists in being recognized.
Our visit was cut short by the growing number of customers that needed her attention, so let me just say that it would be well worth a visit if you are able to make your way to the Herb Chateau. 
P.S. As I was leaving the Herb Chateau, I decided to go next door to Louisa’s Bakery because I’d never been. All I can say is YUM!!!  Hummingbird, Lemon filled, Butter Pecan and Italian Cream cupcakes to name a few, and then there was Quiche, Biscotti, Pies, Cookies and, much more! So as a bonus to visiting the Herb Chateau, you can get something sweet to go, at Louisa’s Bakery. What a great little corner of our world this is!
P. S. S. Speaking of treasures… OUR FIRST CONTEST…  Here it is… If you are the first person who can tell me where I want to pitch a tent, I’ll send you a handmade surprise!!! Your answer must be posted on the blog site in comments. HINT: The answer is in the previous post! And if you make you way to the Herb Chateau and tell Debbie your answer, the surprise will be BIGGER!!!

Thanks for your support.
Good Luck and Enjoy


Photos of the Herb Chateau



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