Thank You!!!

I want to thank everyone for coming to my fall open house. It was really nice to see your smiling, friendly faces again, and I was glad to be able to hug a neck or two or fifty! I really appreciated all the wonderful comments and that you took the time to write them down. […]

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Desk Accessories

When Hometalk asked me to curate another clipboard for their social media platforms, this time about desk accessories, I thought oh what fun, this will be easy. I spent several hours searching through posts to create the collection for this board. It was not easy! I was surprised at how few posts there really were actually

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I have been crafting now for about 47 years, since I was 7 years old, or at least that’s when I can first remember really crafting. When I say crafting, I mean sewing, woodworking, painting, etc.  Making things that were either useful or decorative in some form. As I grew older, around the age of

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