1st Straw Bale Garden Update

Okay, I put in the support boards. These go at the end of each row of bales. They not only help keep the bales in line, they hold your vine wires in place as your plants grow. I drilled mine every 10 inches up the board, starting about 10 inches above the top of the bale. I threaded the vine wire on the first or bottom two rows with doubled wire. You put the plastic sheeting between the two wires and this keeps a good wind from blowing it off your bale. The plastic sheeting is used to protect the plants while there is a chance of cold temperatures or hard rains. It also helps in the germination process of the seeds.
Today the soaker hoses went in. It was way easier than I thought it was going to be. I got a kit at Lowe’s that included all the little parts and pieces that are needed. I cut 20″ pieces of wire and bent them in half to make stakes to hold the hoses in place. Everything was tested and works great!
The bales have been completely conditioned and the internal temperatures are not so hot that I cook the plants. According to the book we are ready to plant. Tomorrow the bird netting goes up and the plastic tenting goes on. And maybe some more rows of vine wire.
I think I’ll get to start planting seeds on Wednesday!

Here are some of the progress photos.

 The support poles that the wire attaches to. And you can see my soaker hose layout. We have lots of mushrooms sprouting up right now, but they just knock over and won’t bother the plants.

You can barely see the double rows of vine wire. 
 I have a bunch more wiring to do, so I’ll show those again in an update.
A view from my kitchen window. You can see I have some plants on standby. 
That is two different kinds of mint and they will all be planted in the sides of the bales. 
Did I mention before that you can plant in the sides of the bales also? Well, you can. 
I also bought a Meyer Lemon tree. 
No, I’m not planting the tree in a bale, but I want several dwarf trees to have around for the fruit, 
so I’ll plant them in large pots so that the size of the trees stay manageable. 
I intend to build a “Lemonade Stand” to have out there just to add to the “FUN” of it all!
Oh, I almost forgot! I made some fun garden stakes by putting together laser cut outs with cut pine stakes. I sealed everything so hopefully they hold up to the weather. Check these out! 
I made a whole bowl full for everything I intend to plant.
I did two different sizes, but I think they will add some cuteness around the garden. 
I hope you are enjoying these posts and keep checking back for updates.
Thanks for stopping by.

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