The Name Game for Spare / Bonus / Extra space in your house

Recently Hometalk.comasked me to curate a board about Spare Room Flips, for their social media platforms. While doing the research for the project I noticed that all of us use different names for our extra spaces. The keyword search was like playing the “Name” game. Just for fun you should try it! 

No matter what you call your SPARE / BONUS / EXTRA room/space; Closet, Game, Craft, Library, Exercise, Play, Man Cave, Garden, Sun, Studio, Shop, Theater, Media or Office, you are playing the “Name” game too, and Hometalk is there to help make you a winner! For those of you that don’t know about Hometalk, it’s a great website to go to for ideas and information about anything home and garden, or to just get some crafty ideas. It’s like a how to directory, and there are a lot of really creative people participating.  Check out these examples of Hometalk inspired – Spare / Bonus / Extra space makeovers.  Just click on the images and you will be directed to the pages for these great posts. Enjoy!                                                                       

Here is my contribution to this clipboard

Here is my Clipboard on Hometalk. 

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