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When Hometalk asked me to curate another clipboard for their social media platforms, this time about desk accessories, I thought oh what fun, this will be easy. I spent several hours searching through posts to create the collection for this board. It was not easy! I was surprised at how few posts there really were actually about desk accessories. However, through the process of getting the collection together, I have come to the conclusion that, it doesn’t matter how you use your desk, whether it is for paying bills, doing homework, painting, sewing, crafting or if your desk is the household catch-all. Or what you call your desk accessory/organizer/holder. We are all looking for inexpensive, pretty or cute, but functional ways to store and organize our stuff. I personally have a few desks/tables that I sit at, and I like for them to be neat and organized.

Take a look.

This is my bill paying/blogging/shopping desk.
I have covered it in cork and put a piece of glass over the cork.
I love to use silver plated finds to organize my stuff. Here a relish dish holds rubber bands, paper clips, a flash drive and most importantly my white out! 
 Here you can see my cream pitcher is my pen holder. A piece of galvanized metal holds my desk calendar, and a napkin holder holds the bills.
This is my painting desk/table. It is covered in paint…  LOL
 You can see my cream and sugar bowls hold some paint brushes and I have a home made wooden paint brush holder painted up to look like… anything more than a block of wood.
I’m sure you remember my post about the vintage door frame. Well this is my sewing desk.
   A silver plated bowl for loose buttons or whatever happens to end up in there. An ceramic acorn shaped dish holds notions, and in the back you can barely see it, but a milk glass compote dish holds my most-used, need-it-fast thread. Off to the side I found the drawers of an old sewing machine cabinet and they hold all kinds of stuff.
This is a work counter in my studio. 
 As you can see you can use anything to become your desk accessories/organizers/holders/thingies.
 Just pick something you like or make something you like and go with it!
I hope I have given you some ideas and inspired you to think creatively.
Here is the link to my Hometalk clipboard.
Thanks for stopping by

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