2nd Straw Bale Garden Update

An entire day of planting: Red, Yellow, White and Green onions, Okra, Cabbage, Pumpkins, Watermelons, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Carrots, Red, Gold and Russet Potatoes, Yellow Summer Squash, Acorn Squash, Radishes, Garlic and all kinds of different Peppers! Whew! Then the plastic covers (tents) went on, and then the bird netting went up over and around the whole garden. Whew again!!

I have to tell you that for two weeks now, I have felt like a yo yo with all the rain and storms we’ve had, it’s been like this… Close the tenting, an hour later open the tenting, another hour and close
the tenting, then open the tenting, open, close, open, close. Yada yada…  But everything has sprouted and the plastic tenting is working it’s magic. The first to come up was the onions, (all of them, red, yellow, white and green), then came the radishes, the lettuce and now everything! This is my favorite part. It’s exciting to watch!

The only starter plants I used where the tomatoes and the strawberries. Everything else was direct planted seed. I even planted some of the strawberries in the sides of some of the bales. You’re supposed to sow several crops over the growing season. As these mature and are harvested, you plant new ones until your weather won’t let you anymore.

Okay. I’m gonna tell on myself. I have a little roll-along garden cart with a seat on top and I was sitting on it while I was planting, moving right along from bale to bale. Well… because I’m planting on an incline, and I wasn’t exactly in the middle of the thing when I lifted my foot to move over, I popped a wheelie and dumped myself right off the back of it! LOL!! So my advice is when working on a hill, be careful with anything on wheels.

And then as if that weren’t enough… I planted a separate little garden bed of Mint and Sunflowers!

Here are some pictures of the progress.

 The end of the day after everything was planted!
The next morning, before the rains came.
Day 4 the radishes rise from the potting mix! Yahoo!!
And the lettuce. 
And the onions. How do you like my crow garden stakes? 
The strawberries planted on top and on the sides. 
 My little solar rooster light.
On the rainy days you can see top the netting pretty good.
Another rain day. 
Well… what do you think?

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